LeBron James’ team is considering legal action against Great Lakes Brewing if they don’t stop using the image of the Cavs star, according to a Cleveland.com report.

If you have an eye to detail then you might recognize Great Lakes Brewing as the label on the beer James picked up in his team’s Game 1 win over the Raptors. Naturally, the company used the viral moment to promote its product on Instagram and Twitter.


The company also had a small cardboard cutout of James, and used it to promote a special deal on the beer (that tweet was later deleted).

There’s the obvious marketing reason for James’ team not wanting a company to use his image for free. But there’s also a personal history.

“This is about the last thing I’m trying to worry about right now, my agent and my legal team will take care of it, but yeah I know (Great Lakes) is trying to benefit off of me,” James said in a statement to Cleveland.com. “And I heard they were the same company that made all those ‘Quitness’ beers, and now they’re trying to benefit off me this way? Yeah, it’s pretty funny.”

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The “Quitness” beer James is referring to is an ale the company used after James left Cleveland to join the Heat. A description for it on ratebeers.com reads: “Quitness is a cask conditioned, dry hopped India Pale Ale that leaves a bitter aftertaste, perfectly describing the mood of Cleveland sports fans these days.”

When James said after Game 1 that he is “not much of a beer guy,” he really meant it.