ISIS suicide bomber detonates 5 meters away from cameraman


Kurdish war reporter Hunar Ahmed and his Rudaw news team were embedded with Iraqi Federal Police near Mosul when the unit came under dangerous and complex attack by Islamic State forces. The ISIS militants were eventually shot down or sent into retreat.Image result for ISIS suicide bomber detonates 5 meters away from cameraman

As the police went forward to clear their surroundings, a wounded ISIS member detonated his suicide vest just five meters from the reporters, injuring some police and sending pieces of himself flying in all directions.

“We were only 5 to 7 meters away from the militant. His back was facing us. I suddenly saw him move his hand, and shouted “pull out from here.” As I was saying these words, he blew himself up. I think two or three police officers were killed in the suicide attack. I saw a police officer’s face covered in blood 20 meters away,” Rudaw war reporter Hunar Ahmed said.

Three police officers had been injured in the attack. Four ISIS militants blew themselves up, one was injured by the police and one ran away in the attack. Subsequently, eight people were arrested by the police on suspicion of assisting ISIS in the attack.

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