Iraqi soldiers tortured suspected of collaboration with ISIS (Disturbing Video)



Iraqi forces who lead the struggle for liberation of Mosul by the terrorist Islamic State (ISIS Daesh) use different methods to torture their captives.

As reported RT, photographer Ali Arkady noticed Iraqi Security Forces treat those suspected of being associated with jihadists.

The photographer “in which Iraqi troops had confidence” was allowed to attend the “interrogations” which require prisoners to admit their ties to terrorists.

Disturbing Video

On one of the pictures, as alleged, the soldiers tortured man whose sons are accused of working for ISIS. The photo shows that his hands are tied, have a veil over their eyes, and soldier put the burden back on the agony to be higher.

Photographer Arkady otherwise Ali fled the country, managing to bring the material proving torture, despite Iraqi government claims to have gone.

Journalist RT Gazdiev Murad, who in March traveled to Mosul, himself witnessed how the information censored by the military hotspot.


“One of the biggest and nasmrtonosni struggles of the 21st century is also one of najcenzuriranite and najprikrivanite” he argued.

Disturbing Video