What if iPhone stops charging?


Interestingly, many experts call the problem with the iPhone charging almost the main gadgets for Apple’s. Yes, until you bump into her very hard to believe, but the facts are facts, and statistics only confirms once again the real picture. Say peaknewz

The main reasons for not so much below a short list of some ways of solving these problems.

The problem in the accessory
Check why the iPhone is not charging, simply. To reject doubts about the charger, enough to borrow it from someone of his comrades. Did charging start? Ok, get off a little blood: you will just buy a new accessory. No? Then we go further.

Check connector
Yes, port Lighting after some time after the start of operation is clogged with dirt, dust and other filth. Maybe you’re lucky and the problem would be in it. A Clear port is possible by means of ordinary toothpicks. In this case “rake” waste must be from the center along the edges. And do not even think about using the metallic elements. For example, a paper clip for a paper tray. Help? Better! And if not?

Perhaps the problem is the battery
if no warnings when charging the iPhone is connected does not provide (for example, a compatibility issue), it remains only to apply to the service center for help to specialists. It is highly likely that the failure is simply left device’s battery. Replace it can and most, but then the user takes all the risk themselves, and in the case of failure, the device will be more expensive recovery than simply change the battery. But then everyone decides for himself that he was closer.