iPhone 8 output can be delayed for a month


iPhone 8 – the most anticipated smartphone of the year. Yes, Samsung has been able to pull itself of the attention thanks to the Galaxy S8 (smartphone is very good). But Apple presentation forwards to everything. And the company simply does not have room for mistakes. 

iPhone output can delay for a monthBut, judging by the latest data, the case of Apple is not going well. The company has faced several problems to solve that Apple engineers and developers simply can not. There is evidence that the iPhone 8 will be released from the blocked part of the functions.

Today it was reported that the case is even worse. Because of the difficulties in producing a gadget device may come a month later than usual. In particular, a number of suppliers said the potential delay of 3-4 weeks.

Typically, (yes, we know that not always) iPhone will present in mid-September, and by the end of the month, it goes on sale in a number of countries. This year, the iPhone can display 8 at the end of September and will go on sale, he is closer to the end of October.

However, at this time, analysts are in no hurry with a poor prognosis. According to them, Apple can still sell a huge number of smartphones. And judging by the fact that the company and so shifts the supply closer to the winter holidays, we are waiting for an unprecedented deficit.