iphone 8 Gets a new color for the hull. And get rid of the two old

The network finally has fresh rumors about the future of iPhone 8, which do not concern Touch ID’s biometric sensor. TechRadar reports that Apple wants to change the color gamut of its future flagship.
Let’s start with the new stuff. According to the edition, iPhone 8 will receive a completely new color, which can now be “mirrored.” Of course, nothing specific about the new tint is reported, but we can assume that the hull will be grey and glossy. In other words, something like the current jet black, but in gray execution, not black.


Therefore, Apple is more likely to get rid of the silver version. This color, first, will be a repetition, and second, it is not very well sold. By the way, for the same reason, they plan to remove pink from the sale: Despite an active ad campaign using a pink iPhone, this color is not very popular. One of the reasons is that it’s hard to sell in the secondary market because the guys in most countries won’t buy it.


It is assumed that the gold, jet black, and black color will remain in the sales. The gold is well traded in China, and two new blacks have shown themselves because they are new on the market-they only came out with the seven.


What’s going to happen to red? There is a theory that it will also remain on the market and may even replace black-Apple only produces four colors. But for now, it’s hard for us to believe that the company will immediately market the product red because this is a charitable model: a small percentage of its sales are listed in the single-name fund to fight AIDS. Apple might be able to release the smartphone in this color later.