India decided to replace the T-72 tanks


The Indian army decided to replace 2 thousand 414 tanks T-72, finding them obsolete, and expressed its interest in developing a new tank platform for its production, the media reported.

The Indian army announced the possible start of a competition to develop a new armored platform, which is primarily designed to create a new primary tank. In total, it is planned to receive about 2 thousand combat vehicles, reports Livefist Defense.

The army hopes that the first of the combat vehicles will go into operation in 2025-2027.

We are talking about the development of a combat platform on the basis of which a family of combat vehicles will be created. The project was named FRCV. It is described as a “medium weight platform,” suitable for work in semi-desert and desert terrain.

In March, the media reported that Russia and India began negotiations on a multimillion-dollar deal to upgrade about 1,000 T-90 tanks. On arms of India more than 950 tanks T-90.