In an attack on US commandos on al-Qaeda in Yemen, who personally authorized the US President Donald Trump, killing at least 14 people, including a guard and an eight American girl.

To make matters worse from an American perspective, and the girl was a citizen of the United States. Navarre al-Awlaki is the daughter of Anwar al-Awlaki, the notorious Islamist cleric and recruiter for al-Qaeda. Awlaki was killed in a targeted attack by a drone in Yemen in 2011, which caused some controversy because he was a US citizen born in New Mexico.

Although, according to the New York Times, in the operation of Team 6 US Navy “seals” (Navy Seal Team 6) last Wednesday almost everything bad that could happen happened, Trump Sunday’s action was declared a success, claiming that the commandos managed to come in “possession of important intelligence material that will help the United States in the prevention of terrorism against its citizens and people worldwide.”

But he went unannounced Wednesday at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to meet the body of Officer William Owens who was killed in the fierce fighting pedesetminutna with al Qaeda. Gunfire wounded three specials and helicopter worth $ 75 million was deliberately destroyed after the emergency landing, not reach the hands of jihadists.

Obama delayed surgery

The Pentagon admitted in the operation were probably uboeni and several civilians. The identity of the murdered girl announced al-Qaeda, possibly in propaganda purposes.

Risk operation in the small mountain village in an isolated part of Yemen had been planned even during the term of Barack Obama, but he adjourned because counsel Pentagon to wait for more favorable weather conditions. Trump for dinner with his two close advisers Jared Kushner and Steve Benoit, vice president Mike Pence, Defence Minister Jim Metis and General Joseph Dunford gave the green light for the operation at the fifth day of his term.

Trampoviot national security team, led by retired general and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn, announced earlier that it plans to accelerate the decision-making for anti-terrorist operations. But such changes carry a higher risk of error. “You can reduce the risk in these missions, but you can not reduce it to zero,” said supreme counterterrorism official at the Pentagon William Vehsler.

Al Qaeda knew in advance about the attack, used civilians as human shields

In this case, al Qaeda in advance learned of the attack, perhaps because of the sound of US drones flying lower than usual. Although commandos Team 6 by tapping discover they have lost the element of surprise, speak continued action.

Militants took up defensive positions in nearby houses, clinic, hospital and school, using women and children as human shields, according to US military sources. Komandostite were surprised when some of the women were taking guns in their hands and started shooting at them. M-22 helicopter osprej who called as air support was hit in the attack and had an emergency landing, injuring three soldiers who were in it

The operation killed 14 al-Qaeda militants, but was destroyed almost the entire village, which caused anger among Yemeni authorities. The local foreign minister called the action “extrajudicial killing”.

This is the first known ground by US troops in Yemen in 2014 when unsuccessfully tried to free a captured American journalist who was killed during the operation.