Ice of 1.5 million years old was mined in the Antarctic by Russian scientists


A group of Russian scientists extracted from the Vostok well ice age of one and a half million years. This is a kind of record age: until now, researchers have received samples, formed only eight hundred thousand years ago.

Ice indirectly confirms the existing theory, according to which about a million years ago the Earth experienced the so-called “climatic revolution” – the epoch of cooling at that time lasted a very long time. The sample obtained in the East will help scientists to find out what caused these climatic changes.

In addition, the ancient ice can be used to understand other global cataclysms of the past. This is clarified by isotopic analysis of thawed water.

Knowing the history of climate change will help climatologists more accurately predict the rate of global warming. Thus, mankind will be able to better prepare or even prevent a theoretical climatic catastrophe.


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