Huge explosions, Putin threw “a new type of bomb” in Syria (VIDEO)


Yesterday Russia perform the heaviest bombardment of northern Hama, and the attacks were completely wiped out several positions of insurgents in cities Surat, Taiba al-Imam Halfaja and Latamina, reported Arab site Almasdar News publishing photos that Russian planes allegedly dropping bombs on rebel forces in Syria

Military source Almasdar said that air attacks committed five Russian warplanes and two helicopters, which in a few minutes returned to bomb Islamist strongholds.

Yesterday morning been carried out at least 50 Russian attacks, something it claims is a previously unused type bombs, which caused mass destruction.

Recently it was reported that President Vladimir Putin is working on a “secret bomb”, which is four times more powerful than the weapons with which the United States attacked in Afghanistan ISIS storage, and carries 44 tons of TNT. However, it is unclear whether the bomb used in recent airstrikes.

Russia gets a lot of criticism because of the large number of civilian casualties during its bombing in Syria. Amnesty International has accused Putin and his Syrian allies deliberately set their sights medical facilities when they air strikes in areas held by the rebels.