How to remove password c iPhone or iPad


With the advent of Touch ID, password lock has lost some relevance. However, sometimes it is necessary to use. And sometimes it is not very by the way, especially if you decide to donate or sell your iPhone / iPad. In this article, we will explain in a few steps to remove the password blocking from your iOS device.

Disable the password on your iPhone or iPad

  • Open the “Settings” and select the item «Touch ID and passcode» (Touch ID and Passcode).
  • Enter the password and Tapan by the inscription “Turn Passcode» (Turn Passcode Off).
  • We reaffirm our desire and once again enter the current password.
  • Ready now to unlock the device will be and without a password.

How to remove password c iPhone or iPadHow to remove password c iPhone or iPad
What if you do not know/forgot password?
It was only through the help flashing device iTunes (Restore). Once you are able to log in using your Apple ID and its set a new passcode. And then, if necessary, and turn it off.