How to protect your Mac from malware


In the last few days around the world rages WCry virus.Just a couple of days it has infected 300,000 computers in 150 countries. Affected public agencies and private companies. Mac users are not affected by the threat, but it is important here another: the computers infected with the virus due to the simple user errors. Revision tells how to prevent such.

WCry – a virus-extortionist. It blocks the user’s computer and demand a ransom of $ 300. After a few days the amount is doubled, and if there is no redemption, the data is deleted. On this basis there are a couple of the following tips:

Do not open unknown email. The virus is spread as follows: the name of well-known brand comes a letter with a request to link to. When you open it, the virus is downloaded to your computer and then already doing their bad deeds. So if you are not sure from whom I received a letter, do not open anything. Vigilance – the main protection against fraud.

Always make a backup copy. This is a golden rule that should be applied always. If your computer is locked, you can always roll back and restore the system. Unfortunately, no one does, until you face a real challenge. In the case of paid users WCry fraudsters have $ 42,000.

Operating system – only the latest versions. Microsoft has, in fact, released protection against the virus in March this year. Members who have put the latest version of the software – are not affected. But those who ignore this requirement by software companies, may at any time be affected. Therefore, when you receive a push from macOS or iOS – do not ignore it. On Apple technology are also viruses and Apple quickly solve problems with them: your task – time to install all the updates.

Above we have presented three simple rules to protect your computer. But as shown by WCry virus experience – failure to comply with these minimum standards will either delete your data, or to the loss of money.