Historic Flight 135 million worth of US Navy Hunter “F-35B” first flight opened fire from their automatic cannon., but there is one big problem


Hunter “F-35B” US Navy first flight opened fire from their automatic cannon. The cannon is located in a container placed in the belly of the spacecraft and could crack 55 grains caliber 25mm per second. Total brings 220 pieces arrows.
It is a new armed squad because now the American hunters had guns exclusively caliber 20mm. Military experts say that the new weapons will allow US hunters supremacy in the future operations of close air support, writes Daily Mail.Problems with software

But there is only one problem – this top can not be fired. Targeting software that would allow this precious hunter thing to guess, yet to be developed.
“Lockheed Martin”, the main contractor of the whole “F-35” program, claims that the updated version of the program will appear later this year, but military experts are not so optimistic.
So last month the authorities published a report stating that hunters are currently operating only 89 percent of the compositions, and that may require an additional millions in funds for the composition to function fully.

Expensive and inefficient

The news came after US air force since last year proclaimed “F-35” to ready for war, but the hunter was able to use numerous weapons and advanced sensors until it comes the latest software package, what can wait a few more years.
President Trump announced a significant reduction in the price of the hunter, which has already cost $ 135 million, is not even developed until the end. It is assumed that the cost of the entire project amounts to more than $ 1.4 billion. It includes the costs of developing, purchasing and maintenance.

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