Group of US ships went to the Korean Peninsula


The US Navy said Thursday it had sent rushing group ships and aircraft carrier to the Korean Peninsula.

– US Pacific Command ordered jurishnata group “Karl Vincon” go north, as a cautious measure in order to maintain readiness and presence in the western Pacific, said Commander Dave Behnam, spokesman for the US Pacific Command.

Such a step would increase tensions in the region, following soon after the US missile attack on a Syrian military base, which experts assessed as a warning to Pyongyang’s refusal to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

– North Korea remains a threat number one in the region because of its wanton, irresponsible and destabilizing missile testing program and the pursuit of nuclear weapon capabilities, said Commander Behnam

Jurishnata group whose initial task was to ports in Australia, set off from Singapore to the western Pacific.


North Korea is trying to develop long-range rocket that could hit US territory. Analysis of satellite images indicate Pyongyang prepares sixth nuclear test. US intelligence agencies have warned that North Korea needed less than two years to develop a nuclear warhead that could reach the continental United States.