At present, the Russian grenade launcher “Balkan” held military tests, its acceptance into service is expected this year, said chief designer of NPO “Prior” holding company “Tehmash” included in the State Corporation Rostec Oleg Chizhevsky.

“Now the rocket launcher located on the military testing. I believe that this year it should be adopted for, “- said Oleg Chizhevsky at the I All-Russian conference of young scientists and specialists of the organizations – members of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences.

The chief designer also noted that the holding company specializes have already carried out the supply of grenades and ammunition to the troops to pass the test.
Earlier, Director General of concern “Tehmash” Sergey Rusakov said that the pilot service trials automatic grenade launcher “Balkan” NGO development “instrument” are scheduled for 2017.

“We have made a production batch of shots, and put her to undergo military service. Tests planned in 2017, “- he said.

NGO “instrument” has developed for the new 40-mm grenade launcher round with a fragmentation grenade 7P39. Antipersonnel grenade launcher 6S19 “Balkan” is the latest development in the field of domestic grenade launchers. It provides an increase firing range of more than 25% and power in steps two times compared with the standard 30-mm complexes (AGS-17 “Flame” and AGS-30).