Genetic experiments on humans. How it was


“Restless people can be good and evil. If there are many troublesome and kind people in the world, it will be good. “(“King Matius on a desert island,” J. Korczak)

On the Earth, since 1945 there was no large-scale war. Those wars that were were of a local nature, but they were nonetheless, and people died in them, too. Military clashes are going on now. But what are their goals? At first glance, the goals of all wars remain the same at all times. However, modern science allows us to conclude that even now the causes of armed conflicts can be very different from those proclaimed. And they can not be based on what is at first sight.

One of the main provisions of social science as a science is the assertion that culture is not inherited. And the fact that this so has repeatedly been proven. Legend (or not a legend?) Says that a particular king (or it was an Indian Maharaja) decided to find out which language is the most ancient. To do this, he locked several male babies in the tower and put deaf mutes on them. Then, when the children grew up, he invited them to his palace and began to question them, counting on what language they would speak, he would be the oldest. However, the children were silent. They did not know how to talk at all. Say Russian media Pravda

In the same India, two girls brought up by wolves fell into the hands of scientists. The elder in the end died, and not adapting to human society, and the other at 17 years behaved like a seven-year-old child and did not rise higher, although she learned to wear clothes, eat from a plate with a spoon, and also talk a little.

On the other hand, there are many examples where children who have never seen their parents behave exactly as if they had lived side by side with them for many years. That is, something is still transmitted, is not it? The abilities are transferred, character traits are transmitted, very much shall be forwarded …

And now let’s see how all this has determined and continues to establish the life of the human society.

Noble fun

To begin with, on February 18, 1762, Peter III signed a legislative act, according to which nobles were freed from compulsory civilian and military service for the first time in the history of Russia, could settle in their estates and even freely leave for abroad. This decree, called “On the Liberty of the Nobility,” confirmed by Catherine II in 1785, had very significant consequences for Russia. A huge number of landlords went to their estates and engaged in … idleness: hunting, breeding horses and very soon noticed a seemingly trivial thing: purebred dogs bring thoroughbred puppies, and a mongrel – mutt ones. It is known this was all before. But now the landlords have a unique opportunity to check this postulate also in public!

After all, they had serfs “exemplary behavior,” they did not bring trouble, but there were “puffed-up brawlers” and … what did the landlords do? From the last, they began to get rid of – to surrender them to soldiers! And those about whom they say “they even eat with porridge, even butter buttermilk,” began to marry the same stupid and complaisant girls on principle – “church girl, full!” In conditions when natural intellectual selection in the society did not last for millennia, it turned out that the complaisant and stupid were multiplying en masse, and the smart and restless (both good and bad) were sent to the army, where the chances of reproducing and transferring their genes to offspring They were small, and in this case their children fell into the category of canonists and again went into the army.

So do not be so surprised at the victories of Rumyantsev, Suvorov, and Kutuzov. They had … a beautiful human material: smart and brave soldiers, one might say, the elite of the Russian nation! Well, in the village remained the most agreeable, the most patient and slow-witted. And progress in the Russian pre-revolutionary village went at a snail’s pace.

European experience

However, large-scale genetic experiments were conducted not only by Russian emperors. Thus, the Prussian emperor Frederick II wished to have the strongest army in Europe and came up with how to achieve this without much difficulty: he issued a law according to which all escheated property is inherited by the smallest son – everything, entirely, without exception! The question was solved after the death of the father very simple: the children were built in a row by their height and … the shortest received all the papa’s property, and the tall and tall guys had only one thing – to join the army!

Friedrich always fought, besides he sold his soldier’s whole regiments “left.” As a result, all the tall people in his country were simply knocked out. And Germany today for the average growth of men for a long time was one of the last places in Europe. It has leveled off to 187-190 centimeters only in the last decades of a secure life and quality medical care. Also, after the Second World War migrants slowly arrived in Germany, but brought with them “fresh blood.” So for today, the Germans are good with growth.

Napoleon gave a similar order – to recruit people in the guard at least 180 centimeters tall. Then all his guards died in the Battle of Waterloo (“The Guard perishes, but does not give up!”) And … after all the Napoleonic wars, there were practically no tall men in France. That is, there should have been the shortest Europeans? And here not! It so happened that a Russian army entered Paris! Our soldiers from the serfs were … enchanted by everything they saw! Women “welcomed them,” and massive desertion began! The figures range from four to 40 thousand people, and which is more accurate – it is challenging to check now. Although the decrees of the star on the forgiveness of deserters from the campaigns of deserters had been in effect for a very long time. And if special laws have been adopted, it says something.

Whatever it was, but the growth of the French leveled off. True, then Hitler in his Mein Kampf began to blame them for incest with Annamites and Algerians. As far as he is right, again it is complicated to say, however, the Frenchwoman’s type – white skin, blue eyes, golden hair … disappeared, or in any case became very rare, is not it?

The selection of revolution

But we are talking about external manifestations of mass genetic experiments. But there were internal …

So, after the law on allotting land in the United States, many of the most active and enterprising people from Europe left there. Their arms were sold freely, and many of them simply shot each other in salons or were killed in fights with Indians. The rapid development of the United States is because the most active and enterprising people left there, while the “terps” remained in place.

But let’s go back to Russia. The revolution, and then the Civil War, tragically changed not only our society but also its genetic component. On the one hand, the “thoroughbred” heirs of the noble families were either killed or emigrated. On the contrary, the very “patients” who “at least with the porridge eat, even buttermilk,” got out upstairs, and they suffered what happened, for a very long time – for 74 years. Moreover, during the Great Patriotic War, the best part of our male population, responsible, brave, decisive, decent people, died again. Survived, among others, just carriers of other qualities – opportunists and careerists, although not only they, of course. But there were more of them than they were before, and they passed their genes on to their children, and those – to their own.

Not so long ago it turned out that the bullet, getting into the human body, also causes genetic damage. How much? For about one year, then the body is restored. Can you shorten the time limit? It is possible if there are black and red caviar and citrus. But what happened after the war? A soldier came from the front, a year after the injury did not pass, as he had already begun to “make children.” His damaged genes were transmitted to the offspring and, although this does not mean that his children were morons, they, it is evident, did not become of it. And small “defects” began to accumulate and turn into large, plus “drunken conception,” plus the consequences of mass smoking, plus radiation, “chemistry” and much more. Together, all these factors have reduced the level of intelligence and indicators of the mental and physical health of modern Russians, which, of course, very sad. So today’s “victims of the Unified State Exam” are also victims of many and very different circumstances.

Without will not manage?

But what about war? There will be war, but how can it be without it … Probably many today pay attention to the same war with IGIL, which is banned in Russia by an extremist religious organization. How strange: it arose, someone was financed, somehow supported, then it began to be destroyed. Of course, the simplest thing is to say that it was created by the American imperialists, solely for the sake of harming Russia. But … look at the genetic component of what is happening there. Like a vacuum cleaner, IGIL draws people from European countries “restless and evil.” It concentrates them in one place, after which they are destroyed from the air, and they do not multiply, and their genes are not transmitted to their heirs. Identify in their countries such people can. But how to get rid of them by law? In Ancient Greece, these “restless” were ostracized. But the problem with their reproduction did not solve this.

And then with one shot, two hares are killed at once – some political problems are solved, and at the same time, humanity gets rid of potentially dangerous people. In the future, this practice will be continued with all evidence. That is, we should expect the emergence of new messianic movements, attracting “bothersome but evil people” under their banners, introducing destructive ideas into this movement, allowing them to apply force to them, followed by destruction. Thus, it will be a kind of “ostracism,” but not so much on the social level as on the genetic level, which does not allow people to reproduce, whose genes provoke them to antisocial behavior.

That is, in the future, wars such as the war with IGIL will occur and will continue to exist … somehow (how?) Humanity will not be able to find a completely humane and civilized way to “sell such people to the side.” Well, let’s say, send them to colonize the Moon or Mars, to master the underwater cities, that is, to channel their anxiety into the canal that is useful for society!