Material that absorbs radio signals and special colors actually hinders the rapid detection of the tank at night in the infrared spectrum.
Unnamed present at the recently held a military parade in Moscow on the occasion of the “Day of Victory” with a special thermal accessory handset exposed the secret of Russian armored vehicles that are barely visible in the infrared spectrum.

Image result for Filming military parade in Moscow, exposed the secret to almost "invisible" Russian tanksAs writes Russia Beyond the Headlines, attendee cameraman during a military parade has included special thermovision addition to his mobile phone and on that occasion accidentally discovered infrared temperature “signature” of the latest Russian tank T-14 Armani and series armored vehicles presented during the parade.
If you pay attention to the tank T-72B3, a battle infantry vehicle Typhoon-K and Tiger-M, anti-air-missile system Buk-M1U and bullet-S is seen as heat trace engine and transmission I offer the technique on the battlefield It makes visible at a distance of 10 kilometers.
This means that older Russian military technique can detect a thermal imager and therefore may be destroyed by modern American anti-tank missiles FGM-148 Javelin, who are the first in the world which incorporate infrared system type IDI that runs on principle “Spain and forget.”Image result for Filming military parade in Moscow, exposed the secret to almost "invisible" Russian tanksBut when it comes to T-14 Armani Javelin is useless because Its rosters “heat signature” lens infrared camera is very pale, given that the world only a small opening in the engine system.
This, as stated the Russian portal RBTH, fully confirms the words of Deputy Director General of Scientific and Industrial Corporation Uralvagonzavod, Vyacheslav Haliti, who said that the new Russian tank is made with special technology.The material that absorbs radio signals and special color, namely makes quick detection of the tank at night in the infrared spectrum, and the severed parts of the dome of the reservoir tank absorb radar beams as jets of the new generation, such as the US Raptor F -22 Russian Sukhoi T-50 again.
The Armani has additional features such as masking camouflage tarpaulin and anti-armor cumulative plates to protect the tank of high precision weapons and means of close combat.

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