5 most daring escape from prison

Escape from prison - it is non-trivial. To escape from a place where everything is arranged so as to avoid this, you need to show courage and ingenuity. Of great importance is also luck.


5 most daring escape from prison

Guru shoots Jeck Sheppard

Jack – English thief hunted in robbery and robbery in London of the XVIII century, was a true master of escape from the prison. The famous and – it was immortalized in the works of Daniel Defoe and The Beggar’s Opera by John Gay. Obviously, the culprit was not the most accurate, he caught five times, four times he ran away. And this is done every time the original – once in the middle of the night, “silent” cut through the ceiling so that the whole of London woke up. When he discovered the guard, Jack just turned on the “Bax Baths”, pointing to the opposite side and shouted: “Look over there!” And then I fled, taking advantage of confusion protection. On another

On another occasion, he got away with his wife, who came as an accomplice. They broke down the grating and a makeshift rope of woven clothes and linen. Jack managed to escape even from the most guarded chamber, in chains. He dug somewhere nail and made him a master key for the handcuffs. With the help of chains, he broke the barred door and disappeared into the darkness, this time without waking anyone. In the fifth and last time, he was caught drunk in a bar with the stolen diamonds in her arms. Before the execution the king ordered to paint a portrait of the “Robin Guda of modern times”, and the very flogging twenty thousand people came. Later, his friends, even carried the body to the doctor, hoping that this time he managed to deceive everyone.

Soap Head

The famous escape from Alcatraz prison has long been considered impossible. Many have tried, recorded shots, so to anything and have not resulted, there were 14 pieces. They involved nearly 40 people, most of the rebellious prisoners was caught, killed or disappeared in the sea.

The only case of successful escape from this island prison occurred June 11, 1962. Three prisoners – Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers made of soap, real hair and toilet paper models of their own heads. The guards, conducting an inspection, were misled and did not raise the alarm. While the guards looked at the soap’s head, the three fugitives had already crawled on the ventilation shaft, the entrance to which they previously drilled homemade drill. Then, on one of the chimneys, they climbed onto the roof. All inputs on which the fugitives crawled, they closed again. There are two versions, both Morris and the Anglin down to the water. According to one – they had previously harvested rope on the other – they climbed down the drainpipe. On the water, they were waiting for the rafts of inflated using bellows rubber raincoats. To them and they sailed on San Francisco Bay. More than the three of them did not see anybody. American lawyers are inclined to believe that the fugitives had drowned, but no confirmation of their deaths have not been found.

escape intellectual Alfred Hinds received 12 years for armed robbery and was able in this time three times to escape from prison. Basically, thanks to its excellent knowledge of the English criminal law. The first time he had somehow managed to escape from Nottingham prison, despite the locked doors and a 6-foot wall. After another catch he sued Scotland Yard, claiming that he was arrested illegally. While the police were allowed to question, observing all formalities, he was able to prepare for the trial and ran straight out of the “House of Justice” in London, locked in the toilet of the two guards. However, it has already managed to catch five hours. Once again behind bars, he again rushed to prove his innocence. In 1958, without waiting for a positive response from the court, he escaped by making a duplicate key. Free Hinds continued to write appeals to MPs and letters to newspapers, insisting on his innocence. We caught him again. New chance for escape is no longer imagined. But previous exploits were enough to become a real celebrity. After serving his term, he was invited to become a member of Mensa, which takes people with only a high level of intelligence.

Overcoming the “silence”

The loudest escape from a Russian prison can be regarded as an escape from the “Sailor’s Silence” Aleksandra Salonika. One of the most famous figures of the 90s, Solonik was a former commando professional assassin. He was called “killer N1». Solonik detention was not easy, he made a fire in the Moscow Tepley market, killing three police officers and a security guard. With such a “loop” life in prison is not going to be rosy, especially when you consider the fact that at the trial he pleaded for a more murders and crime bosses. His death wish and the police, and representatives of the crime.

However, in an insulator, Solonik not stayed a year. July 5, 1995, he escaped from prison was regarded as impregnable. In the basic version, the prison guards or the other crime was introduced Sergey Menshikov, who helped to escape the killer. Menshikov brought Thessaloniki climbing equipment and a pistol. They hid in the chamber Sashi Makedonskogo (one of the nicknames Solonik) mannequin for a ventilation system is selected on the roof of the insulator, where the exercise yards, and then the rope down the street. Sergey Menshikov was killed in the same year, Solonik eliminated at the beginning of 1997.

“King of Yoga ‘

What can stop the experienced yoga master on the path to freedom. Only if a concrete wall. At least, no gap is not a hindrance to them. So, in 2012, the Korean Choi Gap Bock, who practiced yoga more than 23 years, managed to escape through the hole to feed food the size of 15 by 45 centimeters. Moreover, setting the record speed – he managed for 34 seconds. “King of Yoga” was caught six days. This time he was put in a cell with a very small gap for food. Will he be able to get this time?