It is enough to know about the Su-24 bomber


It is enough to know about the Su-24 bomber

In 1970, the first board the Sukhoi Su-24 took to the air. The story of its creation and flight tests can not be called cloudless, but the output will get the machine to which Russia is proud of today.


Creation of Su-24 – history of innovation. For the first time the aircraft has not been developed in the history of Soviet aviation, and aviation complex – was designed to re-machine, engines, and armament for her. Onboard equipment also created as a complex. New Su developed around the first integrated avionics system of the Soviet Union bomb princedom, fire control system and the navigation system associated with a computer. SU-24 was also the first Soviet aircraft equipped ejector at zero speed and zero altitude seat K-36D, it had ejection command system that can be actuated by any crew member.


Creating innovative machine could not be trouble-free. In the case of the Su-24 crash pursued the project one by one. This was due to the use of new materials and technologies. Thus, at the time one of the first production aircraft due to the fact that the compressor blades stretched under the action of loads and struck titanium fire occurred to the body. The location of tangency instantaneously jumped temperature and under conditions of excess oxygen flared metal. When burning titanium temperature reaches 3000 degrees Celsius, and this led to the rapid destruction of the aircraft. The crew left the car, but at the same time co-driver was killed. Su-24 is considered to be difficult to pilot the machine. Already during the flight tests was lost 14 Su-24 and Su-24M. After the adoption of the aircraft into service each year going 5-6 accidents and disasters. According to Deputy Chief of the Russian Air Force, Victor Cota, 1998 aircraft Su-24 was the most alert aircraft of the Russian military aviation.


High accident SU-24 included the creation of new security systems, which again were innovative. For instance, the nation’s first to double aircraft in its class, the Su-24 crew layout “near” has been applied and the new unified ejection seats K-36D, providing salvation to all the range of altitudes and flight speeds, including takeoff and landing modes.


SU-24 was generated in high secrecy. The first official declaration of the existence of the Soviet Union a new attack aircraft was made the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff US Armed Forces, Admiral Thomas Moorer only in early 1974. The first publication of the Su-24 in the foreign press appeared in 1976, but it was speculation and theorizing about the capability of the airplane, which was given the code name of NATO “Fencer” (fencer), repelled by the information on the western analogs (F-111, and ” Tornado”). Until the mid-80s, none Photo Su-24 did not get to the pages of the press. Aircraft declassification associated with machines in the Afghan war.


Su-24MR is not among the front-line of foreign intelligence counterparts on the complexity of the resulting intelligence. For example, in aircraft RF-4C, forming the basis of the US Air Force tactical reconnaissance aircraft, used IR station AN / AAS-18, side-looking radar AN / APQ-102, AFA for several planned and promising shooting with high and low altitudes. ELINT used for suspension systems AIL AN / ALQ-61 or Litton AN / ALQ-125, but no means of laser radiation and intelligence. American intelligence, easier, and the wing fixed sweep, significantly inferior to the Su-24MR in the range and speed at low altitudes.

Baptism of fire

In the spring of 1984, the Su-24 received its baptism of fire in Afghanistan. “Clean” Su-24 of 149-th Guards Red and Su-24M of the 149 the Bomber Aviation Regiment took part in April strike the “den” Panzhsherskogo Leo Ahmad Shah Massoud. The Su-24 was the only machine frontline bombers, capable of carrying a particularly powerful “fugaski” caliber 1500 kg. The operation in Afghanistan in 1984, the year confirmed the obvious advantages Sukhovsky bomber – the ability to work on distant targets with rear bases and high all-weather capability.

At the post

The total serial production of the aircraft such as the Su-24 was about 1,400 aircraft. To date, the time, the Su-24 / Su-24M and is the only type of modern domestic frontline bomber, form the basis of the shock component of the Air Force tactical aviation of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.