Electric bus Proterra set a world record


The American design bureau Proterra announced the next record of its offspring: the electric van Catalyst E2 Max managed to overcome as many as 1,772 kilometers with only one battery charge.
In fact, Proterra has always been the leader in the production of efficient power plants. Back in 2015, the bus could drive 415 kilometers, and in the past Catalyst rolled for 970 kilometers.
The 12-meter Catalyst E2 Max will become a long-distance bus. This model fully meets the requirements of commercial carriers. In fact, now the question is only in cost – battery for 660 kWh is still quite expensive.
But electricity is much cheaper than gasoline. Every kilometer of Catalyst E2 Max will save the company-owner a certain amount of money. And the electric system has fewer moving parts than the engine – it means it will be cheaper to maintain.
With the competent operation, the high cost of electric Catalyst E2 Max will pay off in just two or three years. Admittedly, gasoline engines are rapidly disappearing into the past.