It seems that Donald Trump, even as president of the United States, still wants to use the favorite river from the time he led the reality show The Apprentice: “You’re fired!”

US President Donald Trump has replaced former national security adviser McMaster and replaced John Bolton in his place.

Naturally, as always, the US president announced this decision to the public through his Twitter account.

“I am glad that I can announce that since April 9, John Bolton will be my new state security advisor,” Trump wrote in the latest continuation of the series of changes he made or the arbitrary departures of members of his administration in the last few months.

Trump’s series of dismissals began with the firing of former FBI director James Komi, then dismissed Trump and US Attorney General Sally Yates followed suit with Pratt Barrera, a former US prosecutor for southern New York, Anthony Scaramucci was fired as director of communications at the White House after only 11 days at work, and Steve Banon as chief strategist was dismissed on August 18, the case is also known with Secretary Rex Tillerson who has recently been dismissed and replaced by former CIA director Mike Pomp c.

Otherwise, Bolton was a member of the government of President George W. Bush Jr. and a commentator on US television Fox News.

Trump welcomed Macmaster’s “extraordinary work”, which he changed, noting that he would remain his friend.

He is even Trump’s third national security adviser, in an interval of 14 months.