5 most dangerous mountain peaks of the world


The mountains beckon man challenged him. Some of the people receiving the call. But not returned back all. Is among alpinists and rating “killer mountain”, which is extremely dangerous to conquer.


Location: Nepal. Himalayas. Height:. 8091 m

Annapurna was conquered first of all 14 eight-thousanders. It happened, however, by accident. The group of French climber Maurice Herzog was to conquer another peak – Dhaulagiri, but after exploration has decided that it is possible to conquer another mountain. And it turned out to Annapurna, the northernmost peak of the Himalayas. The ascent took place June 3, 1950. To conquer the mountain “took her” and by the French group. All members of the expedition got frostbite, Maurice Herzog throughout the descent had to amputate the fingers and toes. French group was lucky.

To date, one hundred and fifty ascents were made on Annapurna. In the history of the conquest of the peak climbers mortality was 41%, which is very much. For comparison – Everest this ratio is only 7.4%. It should be borne in mind that on Annapurna are only experienced climbers, Everest while trying to conquer all who have in your wallet enough money. American climber Ed-class Vitus, who conquered all 14 eight-thousanders, Annapurna left “for dessert.” His impressions of the mountain: “Annapurna is one great danger, it is all covered with ice A large piece of ice from the ice build-up on it and the question is in which direction deviates another outgrowth, forward or backward…”


Location: Pakistan and China, the Karakoram. Height:. 8614 m

K2 Chogori or Dapsang considered the second difficulty climbing the top of the world, gives it only has referred Annapurna. More than that – Chogori also the second peak height (after Mount Everest), but the level of difficulty is much greater than the conquest of Everest.

K2 was discovered back in 1856, but it managed to win almost a century later, in 1954, the Italian expedition led by Ardito Desio. It is interesting that in 1902 attempted the conquest of the mountain has made famous occultist Alister Krouli and climber, but he is not the tip was given as of mid-2008 was visited by 284 people at the top of this mountain, 66 killed while attempting to climb. A large number of climbers perished already on the way back. Rate of mortality of this terrible peak – 25%, ie one in four of those who tried to conquer K2, died. In the history of climbing on Chogori imprint left by Russians. The route, which our climbers managed to overcome the most difficult is considered August 21, 2007. The Russian group up the count to that time impassable western wall tops. K2 winter failed to conquer anyone.

Nanga Parbat

Location: Pakistan, the Himalayas. Height:. 8125 m

Nanga Parbat called “killer mountain” and “absorber of people.” It is the westernmost tip of the Himalayas. Nanga Parbat began collecting his sad statistics on the first attempt of its conquest – in 1895 it “swallowed” the best climbers of his time the Briton Albert Mummery. Since that time, according to statistics for 2011, Nanga Parbat claimed the lives of 64 climbers. All were able to conquer Nanga Parbat 263 people. Mortality Rate this peak is almost 23%. Every fifth climber, who dares to challenge the mountain, perished. The reason for this high mortality are pragmatic people the amount of unfavorable climatic factors in the Mount – arid climate at the foot causes a huge temperature difference. Weather of this is very unpredictable, and frequent deadly avalanche. Recently a nasty reputation strengthens more “human factor”. In June last year by climbers camp, nestled at the foot of the mountains, was attacked militants “Taliban.” As a result, 10 people were killed. Nanga Parbat, however, magnifies attractive – at this mountain is the highest absolute height. Coming close to the mountain can be seen on a wall height of 4, 5 kilometers.


Location: India, the Himalayas. Height: 8586 m.

The third height eight-world, the most easterly of them. The first in 1905 tried to conquer the mountain already mentioned Alister Kroll. Did not work out. Conquered Kanchenjunga only 50 years later. In the history of climbing safely to the top of only 187 people. Of these, only 5 were women.

It is believed that Kangchenjunga – the mountain-woman, so she kills climbers, dared to conquer it. The coefficient of the peak mortality rate – 22%. Contrary to the statistics, which in the case of all other mountains killer tends to decrease, with Kanchenjunga vice versa. Year by year, the mountain takes new life. By the way, this mountain wonderful Nikolay Reich depicted in the painting of the same name. Zaguglit.


Location: Switzerland, Alps. Height:. 3970 m only western tip of the rating. Despite its seemingly small height, Eygar considered one of the deadliest peaks in the world. Eygar first person surrendered August 11, 1858. Are several routes to the top of the mountain. It is considered the most difficult route on the north wall Eygara. It passed the first time he was only 24 July 1938. The complexity of the route in the incredibly large difference in elevation and in a very unstable weather on the northern slope. During the years of climbing, Pinnacle claimed 64 people lives.