Chechnya opened concentration camps gay men where they torture with electric shocks and beaten


Men with a different sexual orientation who were arrested in the “purge” in the Republic of Chechnya held in prisons like concentration camps.

Russian newspapers and human rights organizations report that more than 100 gay men were detained “on their untraditionally sexual orientation or suspicion of such” within the sweep. For several people suspected dead after violent raids that have occurred in Chechnya.

Chechen authorities deny the allegations, saying that there are no gay people in the country. The Kremlin said it had no knowledge of the sweep.

The detained men allegedly kept in horrible concentration camps, where violent harassment and torture are commonplace. Based on interviews with witnesses and survivors, the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported that a secret prison where detainees are held men is located in the city of Argun.

risoners who were released or managed to escape Novaya Gazeta testified about the trauma suffered while being detained. Some say they were tortured, while others said they saw some prisoners were beaten to death. One victim, who was the subject of violent “interrogation” by the camp officials to tell them the names and locations of other gay men, says: “Several times a day amounted us and beat us. Their goal was to find our circle of contacts – in their minds, if you suspect, then everyone in your circle of contacts are gay. They have kept the phones included. Any man who will call or send a message next target. “Describing how he was beaten with a plastic pipe, he added:” I always hit us below the waist – the thighs, buttocks, groin. They said we were dogs that have no right to life. ”

Novaya Gazeta also reported that some men were returned to their families with the expectation that they will conduct themselves “honor killings”.

The camp was reportedly placed by Chechen forces in the former military headquarters in the city. The newspaper also transmitted allegations that the president of the Chechen parliament was among the officials who visited the site, but these claims have not been proven. Detainees face torture with electric shocks and brutal beatings while some cling to seek ransom and used for extortion money from their families.

Russian LGBT Network, which set up a special phone line to support men who want to flee the region, confirmed these allegations.

LGBT activist Svetlana Zakharova said: “Gay men were arrested and detained. We work on evacuation of people from camps, and some have already left the region. Those who escaped said they were detained in the same room and people stick together, about 30 or 40 detainees are torturiraat with electric shocks and beatings, sometimes to death. “