Despite the fact that Apple decided to reduce the initial list of innovations iOS 12, focusing on optimizing the operating system, leaving users without new features in Cupertino could not. Bloomberg journalists learned about the upcoming changes that await us in the next version of iOS and shared them with us.

Multiplayer for ARKit

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on making some changes to the structure of ARKit, which are necessary to ensure the joint access of several users to games with augmented reality. The first step to the upcoming transformations will be an updated ARKit 1.5 engine with support for horizontal planes, 2D images, Full HD resolution, and autofocus.

Import photo interface

The Bloomberg report also mentions Apple’s plans to finalize the import interface for photos. Mark Gurman, the columnist of the publication, did not disclose all the details, noting, however, that with a high degree of probability, the upcoming innovations concern the connection to the iPhone or iPad of the outer periphery via an adapter from USB to Lightning.

In-depth integration with Siri

After the release of HomePod, Apple only has no choice but to focus on Siri. It is expected that in iOS 12 voice assistant will become more functional, having access to most functions of the operating system, including Spotlight. Thanks to this, Siri can more efficiently execute the user’s commands, which will positively affect the productivity of their teamwork.

Do Not Disturb

In iOS 12, Do Not Disturb will receive a broader range of settings for blocking incoming calls or notifications. The update will include several new switches for filtering calls, allowing the user to configure the tabs manually.

Stock application

Little popular with users from the CIS countries, the app “Shares” with the release of iOS 12 will get a serious upgrade, assures Bloomberg. The update will simplify the application’s user interface so that even novice investors can easily use it. The last time “Shares” was seriously updated in 2013 with the release of iOS 7.

Windows for iPad

Despite the fact that this innovation is likely to be available to users not earlier than iOS 12.1 or worse – iOS 13, we can not fail to mention it. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to bring multitasking to the iPad to a radically new level, allowing users to run multiple applications in separate windows simultaneously. If the information is confirmed, iOS for tablets will be virtually indistinguishable from macOS.