Best Mobile Game of the Week – zombies and the Second World


The second week of June pleases violence and suffering on an industrial scale

Dead Age

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Mobile devices are experiencing another invasion of dead bodies in the role-playing game with turn-based battles Dead Age. Its hero was lucky: right after the epidemic, he joined the group of survivors. Alas, on this his luck died. He does not only have to command people and go on outings where you can really die in the hope to fill up resources to strengthen and find food. Oh no, the poor man would have to build relationships (yes, romantic, too) and to nurse the wounded.

The camp is also itself will not protect against ghouls and brazen marauders. Yes and no equipment is created and damaged weapons – not to fix it. The combat system reminiscent of the classic role-playing games so does not do without the correct choice of tactics and weapons. However, all is vanity. Much more important is that the Dead Age varies depending on the decisions made. Moreover, I have serious – on the nose game gives notable. In front of us will often have problems that require solutions, which will determine which of the six endings earned hero … or villain?

Super Nano Jumpers

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The only retro platformer our collection of no zombies, but the complexity and severity to the player Super Nano Jumpers resembles Dead Age. It would seem that Simple management: you press the left side of the screen to stop the character and the right – to jump. However, to survive the 75 levels in four different worlds and two modes (Arcade & Time trial) will be able to not everyone.

Super Nano Jumpers – an exciting game with a hard gameplay. However, to challenge it draws no less successful than Dark Souls with its “turn away-rolls.” The one who coincides with intractable SNJ is guaranteed not only a well-deserved pride in passing but in-game bonuses like characters unfrozen.

Monument Valley 2

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Rest a little violence and plunge into a meditative passage sequel Monument Valley – the acclaimed puzzle from the studio Ustwo. She joined the ranks of fans of the original because the continuation of the left even more unusual and entertaining. For example, the heroes were mother and daughter. At first, they can play individually, but with increasing complexity of the kinsmen will recoup gamer simultaneously.

Of course, not without the development of the gameplay and story. The latter consists of 14 chapters, in which we see the change in the relationship of mother and daughter. The reason for that – the art director of Monument Valley, David Huerta, who became a father at the time of development, and therefore decided to bring the experience of the game. However, it is more important that the sequel longer than the original, and its level design is much more diverse. Developers have tried to reflect the changing emotional mood in the narrative. They succeeded.

Art of Conquest

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Dragons get back on horns: real-time strategy Art of Conquest encourages gamers to gather heroes squad and broke winged. While players from around the world, too, can pull an eye on … board or rob the caravan. But why waste time on trifles: besiege enemy fortress, expand your kingdom and favorite all be a conqueror.

Opportunities for bored conqueror in the Art of Conquest enough to sicken conquests. Five races, building forts, six kingdoms, the herd of mythical creatures and hundreds of controlled soldiers on the battlefield – the route to work and put the blood, and the soul is filled with the warmth … the contemplation of burning castles. Importantly, do not forget to create an alliance with your friends, because to fight shoulder to shoulder with my colleague’s much more fun.

Armored Warriors – WW2 RTS

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Last game collections also devoted to war, but more modern. Chinese studio Triniti Interactive Limited decided it would be nice to release to the 73rd anniversary of the landing of Allied forces in Europe good-quality real-time strategy. Said – done … hundreds of Chinese children (sorry, stereotypes misled).

The developers have tried to recreate historical battles, their seasoned and curious cinematic gameplay elements. The fall of morality and ricocheted from the tank armor no surprise among the audience computer, but the mobile audience will appreciate the little things. Enjoy it and that it will receive the reins of a small army. It is, of course, have to be equipped with unique weapons for each country, to maintain aircraft and armored vehicles, as well as to remain aware of the tactics and strategies.