Back to the past. How was the first iPhone


This year marks 10 years of the iPhone. In fact, already fulfilled: the gadget showed January 9, 2007. But mainly because of the report point taking it on June 29 – the day when the first started selling iPhone. It is called – “iPhone”. The 2G index added to it later to distinguish the model. 

In honor of this event, the publication The Wall Street Journal brought together people who are engaged in the creation of the first iPhone. This is Tony Fadell, Scott Forstall, and Greg Christie, who stood at the head of the different teams in the middle of the last decade. These are people who set up in the future is the most popular smartphone in the history of mankind.

How to tell all participants in the process, the creation of iPhone has become for them a real challenge. Steve Jobs does not like and he repeatedly forced the team to redo everything. Moreover, the inside was a serious competition: Jobs and then manipulated his employees stating that he was ready at any moment to take in the work of the other team if the first does not cope with the task.

“We worked 160 hours a week. Some staff members stayed overnight in hotels near the office, not to go home and not waste time on the road, “- says Scott Forstall, who was responsible for iOS.

How did the first iPhone - Apple told former top managers

“We have a poster on the wall of the oars of” Fight Club “, the first rule that says,” No one talks about Fight Club. ” This meant that no one could talk about the Purple Project – the code name of the iPhone. This is accompanied by several difficulties: iron developers have not talked with the developers of the software, no one has seen the final design, “- say participants in the process.

Unexpectedly, one of the biggest challenges was the creation of the keyboard. It would seem that this is not the most important part, but Scott Forstall says – everything exactly but on the contrary. If the gadget was an uncomfortable keyboard, no one would buy. Therefore, his team for a long time worked on the creation of a normal keyboard in iOS. Well, they have turned out well.