Apple presented the iPhone X with a glass case


Apple introduced the long-awaited iPhone X (read as an “iPhone”). Judging by the description, the gadget will be the first in the line of phones since the time of iPhone 6, which can be called the latest technical development.

So, the phone’s body is made of insulated glass, a screen of Super Retina with a diagonal of 5.8 inches, OLED display with a resolution of 2436 × 1125.

Know-how from Apple – FaceID face recognition function, thanks to which you can unlock the phone. About her online information appeared this summer. The phone can recognize its owner, even if he changes his hair, wears glasses or a hat. The function works thanks to a small infrared sensor, which is located in the upper part of the case. Moreover, if the iPhone accidentally ends up in the hands of intruders, it still can not be unlocked with the help of the owner’s photo and even a unique mask that repeats his face.

Physiognomic data is stored only in the device and is not transmitted anywhere, the producers assure. In this case, the chance that a lucky person will have a face that a smartphone will take for yours is one to one million.

Another novelty: in iPhone X you can send 3D-emoji, which will repeat the movements of the owner’s face so that smilies will become “talking.”

As for the Home button, the new gadget does not have it. Now, to get to the screen “Home,” you need to make a Svayp from below – to draw a finger from the bottom edge, and to call Siri, just press the side button.

The camera in the iPhone X is vertical, and otherwise – as in the iPhone 8 . Photos and videos on the iPhone X will be displayed full-screen.

In Russia, the Jubilee iPhone X will be available from November 3. The lowest price, with 64 gigabytes of memory, will be 79,990 rubles, Medusa was told in the Russian office of Apple.

About whether many plums of information about the appearance and functionality of the new iPhone have been confirmed, you can find out in our analysis.