An incredible showdown in Iraq: See what looks like a duel on a tank and a suicide bomber!


Iraqi Shi’ite armed groups have reported an amazing video of a duel between a tank and a terrorist vehicle full of explosives in an Iraqi desert.
The tape can see an explosion of a suicide bomber car just a few yards from the tank and the soldiers that were in the immediate vicinity. It is obvious that a car full of explosives intended to hit the tank and then explode, but it did not succeed in the suicide bomber.
As the video fighters explain, the tank fired a projectile towards the vehicle but did not hit the target. The terrorist continued to drive after a few meters from the military, and the crew of the tank again had the opportunity to shoot at the car.

Then the car exploded, although it is not clear whether it was hit by the tank, or the suicide bomber detonated the explosive. However, despite a pretty strong explosion, the tank, like a soldier and an armored vehicle, passed without any damage or injury.

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