On the territory of the Yellowstone National Park is a super volcano, whose destiny is directly connected with the whole world. The fact is that if he wakes up, the whole of America will only fall into a very real hell, but the planet will have to go through another glacial period.

And this is not the panicking of yellow newspapers. The serious consequences of the explosion over the past few years expressed the most prominent specialists. Jacob Levenshtein, the curator of the Yellowstone Volcanic Observatory, claims that the blast of the volcano will be equivalent to the snatching of 1000 atomic bombs.


The volcano woke up three times already, throwing out 1 thousand cubic kilometers of magma outwards. Is it much? Well, try to imagine the whole of North America, evenly covered with a metering layer of ash. But satellite images show that active processes of awakening are already deep in the depths.


The last time the Yellowstone volcano woke up 640,000 years ago. As a result of the eruption, the coastline changed and an extended period of cold began. Will humanity survive another such explosion? Hardly.