Amazon introduced a parcel store for apartment buildings and offices


Amazon introduced the Hub parcel store for multi-apartment buildings and offices. The launch of the product on the product initiated by the company drew attention to the publication Engadget.

The Hub storage as standard is a unit of a width of 42 boxes of different sizes with a single electronic terminal. To access your mailbox, the user must enter a password.
In height, the store is 2.1 meters wide, 1.8 meters wide with the possibility of expanding by almost one meter – this will add to the block 23 more containers.

You can put the storage both outside the house and in the entrance. Amazon emphasizes that Hub accepts packages not only from Amazon and can be used by any delivery services.

It is assumed that the ordering of the Hub will be the owners of apartment buildings and offices within the framework of improvement. The cost of the installation is not disclosed. Judging by the order form on the site, the product is only available in the US.