Amazing UFO over a football stadium in Uruguay , South America during the day


Image result for Amazing UFO over a football stadium in Uruguay , South America during the dayAmazing UFO over a football stadium in canelones Uruguay on October 3, 2016.”The UFO phenomenon has manifested itself many times in Uruguay,
South America. The Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) high command has declassified
its files and allowed EL PAIS (The National Newspaper) to access
its UFO records and eyewitness accounts… While the Air Force
commission that studies these cases has been operating for only a few
decades, the UFO phenomenon in Uruguay began in 1947 and continues
a rich history of seeing UFOs, according to Col. Ariel Sanchez, an Air
Force officer with 33 years of active service and who presides over the
UFO commission. The agency operates out of a small office in downtown
Montevideo and has a computer database and print archives. There are hundreds
of files in green binders under the heading “Confidential”,
containing eyewitness accounts, photographs, sketches, drawings,
documents and evaluations made by officials. The files consist of reports that
accrue at a rate of 100 cases per year with 2100 solid reports the commission
has researched and dismissed many for various reasons.
Thirty years after research began, forty cases remain unexplained. These
files have been kept open, and range from sightings and landings of
alleged craft to abductions, where people claim to have been kidnapped
by extraterrestrial entities.

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