Amazing discoveries of scientists in Antarctica


Rumors about the secret base of the Third Reich and even legends about aliens … But what actually hides the thick layer of ice?

Mysterious ancient meteorite

In 2015, NASA scientists have discovered in the Antarctic meteorite that fell thirteen thousand years ago. It turned out that he came from Mars, but inside are preserved specimens of the Red Planet microbes.

elongated skull

During excavations in the region of Lapa, archaeologists discovered elongated skull. Discovery excited the scientific world: the unusual shape of the remains of its flowers because scientists believed that man had never been to Antarctica before.

The remains of dinosaurs

In the early 1990s, scientists were surprised to find in the Antarctic dinosaur. Archaeologists suggest that the ancient creatures inhabited this continent about 200 million years ago.


On the territory of Antarctica are several pyramids, the shape of which is identical to the Egyptian. There is a version of a kind of proto-civilization, once mastered Antarctica and then spread all over the world.


In 2009, archaeologists found frozen in the ice remains a strange egg-laying animal about the size of our contemporary cat. Interestingly, this view is likely survived global warming migrating from Africa to Antarctica itself.

Blood Falls

Feed blood-red liquid gushes out Taylor Glacier. In fact, no blood there certainly is not, and unusual color water provides a high copper content.

The source of water is the lake a few kilometers from the waterfall completely covered with ice.


On board the plane, missing September 11, 2013, there were three Canadians. The wreckage discovered only recently on the slope of Mount Elizabeth. Most likely, the plane crashed into a mountain due to the fault of the pilot, did not notice the snow-capped peaks.

centennial whiskey

One of the surprising findings of researchers began a few hundred years of crates of Scotch whiskey aging. About the taste of the drink is not known: scientists have decided not to open the bottle.

terrible thing

At a depth of 342 meters in the US group of researchers stumbled upon the scary (but, fortunately dead) creation, which was almost impossible to identify. Retractable jaws, bony crest and a very strange structure of the body.

Lake under the glacier

The researchers drilled a hole depth of 700 meters on the Ross Ice Shelf, under which was found a subterranean lake.

Amazingly, a thick layer of ice, which never happened before light, hiding the real reserve: small fish, jellyfish, and anemones.