“The Aliens Exist, But None Are At Area 51” Confirms NASA Employee!


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So NASA has finally decided to tell us all what the vast majority of us ALREADY know, that Extra-terrestrials do actually exist, BUT (this is the part some may disagree with) there are ‘No’ ET’s hidden away at area 51 – Confirms NASA Administrator Major Charles Bolden to British School Children recently.

Bolden was explaining to some British children recently that “he was confident that scientists would find life outside of Earth because there were so many planets that are similar to our own”. This may at first not seem like anything particularly exciting for NASA to admit, however, this is NASA has now admitting what many of us already know and yes the worlds most powerful space agency now continuously raising the subject of Alien Beings, this is a huge indicator that they are in the know about something.

This all comes about when 10-year-old Carmen Dearing, asked Mr. Bolden if he personally believed in Aliens, to which he replied with:

“I do believe that we will someday find other forms of life or a form of life, if not in our solar system then in some of the other solar systems – the billions of solar systems in the universe.

“Today we know that there are literally thousands, if not millions of other planets, many of which may be very similar to our own earth. So some of us, many of us believe that we’re going to find…evidence that there is life elsewhere in the universe.”  Charles Bolden explained.

Mr. Bolden very quickly then moved on to explain about Area 51, confirming its existence as a place, however, stated:

“There is an Area 51,” he said. “It’s not what many people think. I’ve been to a place called that but it’s a normal research and development place. I never saw any aliens or alien spacecraft or anything when I was there. “I think because of the secrecy of the aeronautics research that goes on there it’s ripe for people to talk about aliens being there.”Image result for “The Aliens Exist, But None Are At Area 51” Confirms NASA Employee!What lies beyond the fence!?

Back in 2013, the CIA admitted that AREA 51 was an actual place and confirmed its precise location in Nevada, not far from Groom Lake, as part of a Freedom of Information request.  Area 51 has been the number 1 subject matter for UFO’s and Aliens for a long time, of which many people STILL to this day believe that Aliens crash landed there back in 1947.

The documents which were released by the CIA back in 2013 described in detail how the area had been used during the Second World War as an aerial gunnery for the Army Air Corp pilots! President Eisenhower had also confirmed and approved that ““this strip of wasteland, known by its map designation as Area 51, to the Atomic Energy Commissions Nevada test site and training range”. Eventually, this area was responsible for the development and testing of the U2 spy plane!

Even after this admittance about Area 51’s existence as a real place, many people still believe that something ‘Out of this world’ had occurred there and feel that the CIA is only covering the US Governments back. There have been many witnessed, including ex-military personnel who have confirmed that Aliens have indeed crashed in Area 51 – something that the US Government has continuously strongly denied.

However, there has been information leaked out, primarily by the FBI, that a UFO DID indeed crash in the area.

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U.I.P SUMMARY – When I was a child I would only ever dreamed about such stories or watched them in a film like ET! But now we have Senior NASA staff admitting that they believe that Aliens are out there, and possibly ‘many of them’ Something which NASA was very good at shunning whenever they were quizzed on!

Lets also not forget NASA’s recent admittance that within the next 20 years+ they will find Alien Civilizations! It is pretty clear now in many peoples eyes that we are now being DRIP-FED the truth and this is all a build-up of confirming to the Human Race that “WE ARE NOT ALONE” in the Universe……

It is very interesting that after Charles Bolden had started talking about the Aliens, he soon moved on to talk normal NASA waffle about not having toilets on Mars which restricted them from visiting the Red Planet, and that Man did land on the moon – NASA are very good at staying away from things!!

Hey NASA, guess what? Most of us already know the TRUTH and it is a shame that you are restricted by your employers (the US Government) and disallowed to tell what is ‘really’ going on.

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