Alien Invasion: Is True Or Fake?


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The million dollar question has always been, “is there life out there?” While media channels bombard us from every angle on the probability of a possible alien invasion, you’ve got to wonder if case in point, we are being set up. The universe is so vast that humans grapple to understand it. Humans grapple to understand a lot of things, the least of which is not the ulterior motives of our governments and those in high-power with interest towards the benefits long-term galactic war could bring.

Do aliens even exist? Current speculation always revolves around subtle public curiosity. We have been so inundated with media and information that subliminally many things are believable. Predictive programming has been used to induce fear on a variety of things to come so that when they are introduced into the world, the public readily accepts it. Events or tangible technologies that would normally be unfathomable to our understanding are pre-conditioned in our psyche so that we are no longer surprised and expect them to be real.

Media events trigger public interest in the concept of alien invasion wherever creativity allows it seems. What’s more is that these alien invasion scenarios are prefaced with hostile aliens and planetary war. The Disclosure Project revolves around extraterrestrial intelligence and classified information on UFO’s and explores the reality of these technologies and lifeforms. Essentially, this places us back at square one, “is there life out there?”.

Current media events hint at a fake alien invasion, but what is the reality of a real one? Regardless, we have been conditioned as a public to make for allowances, should the time come. While there are side-interests that would require all of humanity being on board with things like the amount of military spending it would take to battle aliens, either real or bogus, the concept of threat is an interesting one. Humans are a unique breed, we accept what we read and see on TV and go along with the crowd to be accepted. Unfortunately, this is also what constitutes wide-spread fear. This acceptance of subtle and repetitive deception is most effective for causing this phenomenon.

When people are exposed to repetitive reminders, images, and insinuations as to ideas this underscores the effects of predictive programming. Online, in movies, on television and even in publications we see daily stories about an imminent alien invasion. Even former presidents have alluded to outside universal threats. A little over a month ago former president, Bill Clinton commented on a possible alien visit to our planet while conducting an interview on a major network television station.

Psychologically speaking, humans are rather incapable of dealing with and understanding the possibilities of the universe. Our perception is subjective and remains limited to what we are currently accustomed to. We even blatantly suggest that something as unexplained as the Malaysian airlines’ flight 370 may have had something to do with aliens of all things. As a population, although conditioned to accept and prepare for a possible alien invasion scenario, we need to be equally mindful about the successful manipulation we have endured on this topic.

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