AirBar screen turns any laptop into a touchscreen


The company Neonode introduced a curious gadget that can teach the usual screen of almost any laptop to recognize touch.

The controversy over the need to install touch screen laptops probably will not ever fade away. If the gesture recognition and an impressive screen size for you in the priority of manufacturers offer plates or transformers.

But the engineers of the company Neonode decided to look at the problem differently, presenting AirBar – gadget, through which you can independently turn a normal laptop screen to touch.

AirBar: Screen

AirBar design shows a small bar, where neodymium magnets are installed. The device is mounted on the lower frame of the laptop screen and then connects to USB-port. After booting the laptop gets full support for gestures in Windows 8, Windows 10 and MacOS.

AirBar The secret is to use a patented zForce AIR technology. Within the framework established chain of AlwaysOn active sensors, projecting invisible light field over the entire surface of the screen. Once the user touches the screen, the precise location of the sensors is read contact and transmit data to the operating system processing.

AirBar: Touchscreen

Unlike traditional touch screens, AirBar has high energy efficiency and consumes little power from your notebook battery. Moreover, the fixed sensors do not limit the user: they perfectly recognize a finger touch and non-conducting objects.

Assortment AirBar magnetic panels is represented by four modifications, the main difference between them – a diagonal screen compatible.

AirBar: screen size

The only condition for installation – a gap between the laptop screen and its frame to three millimeters.

At the conference CES 2017 consumer electronics Neonode introduced a special version of the new items – AirBar for 13-inch Laptop Apple MacBook Air. In this model, neodymium magnets mounted directly on the plate.

Order the touchpad on the official website of the Neonode . Regardless of the diagonal of your laptop gadget costs $ 69.