7 secret places that do not exist on any map. That a world government hides from us?


Google Maps – is one of the most amazing technologies developed in Silicon Valley. Do you want to admire the Eiffel Tower, but the money for a ticket to Paris, as always, no? No problem, turn on the right soundtrack, dim the lights and open the Google Maps tab: travel cheap and cheerful, if your boss on Monday morning. But even so you can not see the whole world: the most interesting places on public maps somehow blurred or shaded. Where these secret point in the project, which is not officially a state development? What are trying to hide from us the powers that be?

Secret city

In Russia, there is still plenty of cities closed. Some of them are so secret that even disappear from the map! The nearest town – Egvekinot separated from Alaska by the Bering Strait.

Military airport

In Japan, not so many secret places – at least well-known Western intelligence. Minami Torishima Airport on maps completely shaded in white. Ten years ago there was based navy country, but what is happening now – is unclear.


Property owned by the Dutch royal family are not the only secret and retouch the place on the map in the Netherlands. Underwent a thorough disguise oil tanks in Vlissingen, as well as several military and air bases.

Ramstein Air Force Base

With dimming this place more or less clear. Center for the NATO Air Force is the central hub groups, carrying out all the biggest operations in Iraq. Naturally, the terrorist base just a piece of cake.


Iraq, where for two decades do not cease fighting, certainly has a bunch of secrets. Even the famous Babylon on Google Maps retouched so that more resembles not the city, and farmland.

National Park Tantauko

Tantauko National Park in Chile can be seen on online map only as a marker. Why? Here, in a private nature reserve, scientists have not once found the hitherto unknown animals. It is believed that this place is home to many endangered species, but where are they all come from? And why hide the map?

Building Michael AAF

Despite the aircraft icon, in fact here (Utah, USA) is perhaps the most secret weapons store in the whole country. This is a military training ground, where the testing of biological and chemical weapons.