6 ways to revive the phone Unstable Discharge


What should I do if the phone is suddenly discharged, and the call must be very urgent?

Unfortunately, today’s gadgets are often discharged precisely in those moments when they are most needed. But that is no reason to panic: we collected six ways to help you when discharged to revive the phone – whether in the city or in the wilderness.

deceive phone

If you are in an area without electricity with a travel backpack, even in such conditions can briefly revive the phone. We are here, of course, do not go on a full charge, but to bargain for a few seconds, for example, to tell relatives where you are, is still possible. To do this, you need to get out of shrunken phone battery, the average seal contact on the battery (the second of the three iron “strips”) and insert the battery back. Cover the contact can be an adhesive tape, adhesive tape or some skill to attach to “strip” a piece of the plastic bag. Telephone notify empty battery, when in fact there is still the potential energy and the contact on the battery charge is to “inform” the phone about the energy deficit. Seal the contact, you can use the remnants of energy and quickly call or send SMS to the right people.

Make “charging” improvised

Slightly more sophisticated way, but very real, if you went camping, electricity near there, and the phone you need to charge at least briefly.

To make your own “charging” of the materials at hand, you will need to any device with a penlight batteries (you takes with him something where their penlight batteries, right?) – such as radio – and several metal wires. Wires must be connected to “top” the battery and the phone’s battery. The charge will go very slowly, but the battery will remain intact and will make a short call.

Squeeze the energy balances of the battery

You can try to revive a while the phone using another method – to break the battery on the rock. Of course, not with force. That’s what “squeeze out” of the energy balances of AA batteries. Another slightly less effective way – to heat the battery on the fire red-hot battery can give the last leap of energy, which will last for a very short call. Needless to say that in both cases the battery is unlikely to be re-used. But this method is very dangerous, and should resort to it only in extreme cases: the battery could explode right in your hands!

It often happens that a strong frost phone is discharged in a matter of minutes. To revive the phone in this situation, it is sufficient for about five minutes to hold it, for example, mitten or pocket. But contact with the warm areas of the human body will be faster and more efficient.

Find Charger

From the complex, we decided to go to the simple. You are no longer in nature and in the city. It is obvious, but the fact – no battery resuscitation will not be able to compete with charging from the wall outlet. The problem is that you can not be with a charger, and with the availability of sockets can cause problems.

If you are stranded in a phone and without charge on the hands, the best solution is to find the nearest salon communication. As a rule, there are the “Charges” on all occasions, to the same original. For this service, you will be charged a nominal fee – within 100 rubles.

If you are near a train station or shopping center, try to find out whether there are points for recharging gadgets: Of course, in this case, a great risk that offers no original charge, but it’s better than the prospect of being left without communication.

Another option to find an outlet – to park in a nearby cafe, and even better – in the coffee shop. And you never know whether a particular institution regulations prohibiting charging gadgets visitors. In coffee houses to this issue is likely to will be treated with understanding. In some institutions, visitors bring external battery directly on the table.

Use the portable charger

The perfect way to recharge the phone in any area. Now on the market, there are thousands of models of external batteries of different capacities, they can be purchased at many stores. One of the most powerful battery capacity of 24000 mA / h will cost about 30$ and will allow up to 12 times to charge up to four and a smartphone – tablet.

It is better to give preference to the original model and do not buy external batteries in suspicious places, or smartphone can simply burn out. Make it a rule to always have in your bag or backpack fully charged unit and, of course, a wire for charging – then no dancing with tambourines not required.