5 Tesla inventions, which are realized


Many of his ideas were considered mad and have not been implemented.

“I think I was always ahead of his time”, – said an engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla. The eccentric inventor has pioneered the field of radio-electronics, television, robotics, and electricity. Many of his innovative ideas were to find real application in life. For example, AC technology proposed by Tesla is still used everywhere. But many of his ideas were considered mad and have not been implemented.

Machine, causing an earthquake

Using the concept of resonance vibration frequency Tesla created an electromechanical oscillator. According to the legend, in the experiment, the frequency of the oscillator included in the resonance vibration with a purity of at home, in which there was a laboratory, and nearly destroyed the entire building. Therefore, the inventor personally destroyed a potentially the dangerous machine. But research scientist formed the basis of different modern devices such as jackhammers.

Camera for thought

Tesla is very interested in the question of visual images. He believed that mental image, emerging in the brain, enters the eye retina and it turns into a picture, so if you create a special screen – “artificial retina” – that thought will be visible to other people. According to Tesla, this hypothesis has led him to the invention of television. But the “camera for thoughts” and has not been created.

Wireless power transmission

Back in 1893 at the World Exhibition in Chicago, Tesla demonstrated the possibility of wireless transmission of electricity. Eight years later, it began “Vardenkliff” construction of the tower, which was supposed to transmit different data over long distances, using natural energy. When sponsors have learned that the scientist is going to help supply electricity to the tower free, funding was discontinued. Some believe that the Tunguska meteorite came not from outer space, and was the result of Tesla’s experiments on the transmission of energy over long distances.

Supersonic airship with electric drive

Tesla worked all his life on a variety of aircraft. He said that he wants to create supersonic airships on electric, that could make the flight from New York to London in 3 hours, moving at an altitude of 13 km above the ground. These flying machines were to receive power wirelessly from the power plants. Funding for this project scientist never received.

Death Ray

It is believed that Nikola Tesla managed to invent a “death ray” – a particle accelerator, which created an intense beam of directed energy and could destroy the enemy army and military equipment at a distance of 400 km. Despite the great military potential, no country is not interested in the device, but scientists estimated the creation of a “death ray” just two million dollars.