5 countries to remain neutral during the Second World War

To avoid participation in the main grinder humanity managed to more than a dozen states.


To avoid participation in the main grinder humanity managed to more than a dozen states. And it is not “any there” overseas countries, and European. One of them, Switzerland, and all ended up in a Nazi environment. And Turkey, although it joined the alliance against Hitler, but did so at the very end of the war, when the good of it already and it was not.

However, some historians believe that the Ottomans for blood and wanted to join the Germans. But the Battle of Stalingrad stopped them.


No matter how cruel and cynical dictator Franco was not, he knew that a terrible war nothing good will not bring it to the state. Moreover, regardless of the winner. Hitler asked him to join, giving the guarantee (the same thing was done, and British), but the two warring parties were refused.

But it seemed that Franco won the civil war with strong support from the Axis side in exactly will not. Accordingly, the Germans were waiting for the return of the debt. They thought that Franco personally wants to eliminate the stigma in the Iberian Peninsula – Gibraltar British military base. But the Spanish dictator proved far-sighted. He decided to come to grips with the restoration of their country, which was in a sorry state after the Civil War.
Spaniards only sent to the Eastern Front volunteer “Blue Division”. And her “swan song” was soon broken. October 20, 1943, Franco ordered to bring “division” from the front and disband.


After many cruel defeats in the wars of the 18th century, Sweden has changed dramatically the course of its development. The country embarked on the modernization of the track, which led it to prosperity. Not by chance in 1938 by Sweden, according to the magazine Life, was one of the countries with the highest standard of living.

Accordingly, to destroy what was created for over a century, the Swedes did not want to. And they declared neutrality. No, some “sympathetic” fought on the side of Finland against the Soviet Union, others served in SS units. But their total number was less than a thousand men.

According to one version, Hitler did not want war with Sweden. He allegedly was confident that the Swedes – thoroughbred Aryans and their bloodshed is impossible. Behind the Scenes of Sweden made reciprocal gestures toward Germany. For example, it supplied iron ore. And up until 1943, he has hosted the Danish Jews who were trying to escape the Holocaust. This prohibition is lifted after Germany’s defeat in the Battle of Kursk when the balance is beginning to lean toward the USSR.


German officers said more than once during the 1940 French campaign, that “we take Switzerland, this little porcupine, on the way back.” But the “way back” turned out different from their expectations. Therefore, the “porcupine” was not touched.

Everyone knows that the Swiss Guard is one of the oldest military units in the world. Her brilliant story starts at the beginning of the 16th century, when it was entrusted to the Swiss soldiers and honor the most expensive in Europe – to protect the Pope.

During World War II, geographic location Switzerland proved quite unfavorable – the country found itself surrounded by the Nazi bloc states. Therefore, absolutely and completely disown the conflict there was not a single opportunity. So they had to make some concessions. For example, to provide a transport corridor through the Alps or “throw some money” on the usefulness of the Wehrmacht. But, as the saying goes, and the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe. At the very least, but the neutrality observed.

Therefore, the Swiss Air Force pilots and then engage in something with German planes, the American. They were all the same, a representative of the warring parties violated their airspace.


The Portuguese, like their neighbors in the peninsula, decided that since there is the slightest chance to avoid involvement in World War II, then you need to use it. Life in the country during the conflict is well described by Erich Mariya Remark’s novel “The Night in Lisbon”: “In 1942, the coast of Portugal was the last refuge of fugitives, for which justice, freedom, and tolerance meant more than the birthplace of life.”

Thanks to the rich colonial possessions in Africa, in Portugal, had access to one very strategically important metals – tungsten. It’s something adventurous Portuguese and sold. And, interestingly, both sides of the conflict.

In fact, concerns over the colony – this was another reason why Portugal did not want to interfere in the conflict. After all, if they fell under attack ships that have any of the enemy countries would be happy to sink.

And so, thanks to the neutrality of Portugal has managed to preserve power over African colonies until the 70s.


Historically, Turkey sympathy for Germany. But here in the Second World War, the former Ottoman Empire decided to declare neutrality. The fact that the country has decided to end follow the precepts of Ataturk and once again abandon imperial ambitions.

There was another reason. Turkey understands that in the event of war they would remain alone with the Allied Nations troops. Germany to help does not come.
Therefore, it was decided strategically correct and cost-effective solution for the country – is banal to earn a world conflict. Therefore, both sides of the conflict began to sell chrome, necessary for the production of tank armor.

Only at the end of February 1945 under pressure from allies, Turkey is still declared war on Germany. This was done, of course, for the “show”. In actual combat Turkish soldiers, in fact, and did not participate.

Interestingly, some historians (mostly in the Soviet period) believed that Turkey was, as they say, “slow start”. The Turks waited for advantage will definitely be on the side of Germany. And if the USSR had lost the Battle of Stalingrad, that Turkey was ready to attack the Soviet Union, joined the Axis powers in 1942.