11 most secure places in the world


Secret bunkers, shelters Doomsday, and ultra-secure bases exist not only in Hollywood movies. Mankind has indeed managed to make a whole bunch of places to get in which not everyone can. Here, for example, the 11 most protected places on our planet – including the usual parking! 

ADX Florence prison

Unofficially, this prison is called “Mountain of Alcatraz.” They consider themselves prisoners ADX Florence «purer version of Hell”: The camera is fully cast in concrete, including the bed and sink. 1400 steel doors with control over the network, laser traps and dogs fighting right on the premises. In addition, inmates are forbidden to see each other, and the guards have the right to shoot to kill, even with the slightest suspicion of escape.


Cheyenne mountain

Here, during the Cold War NORAD underground complex was built, intended to control the troops after the Soviet nuclear strike. Now the center is a “hot conservation” status, that is, can be activated in a few hours.

The recreation center “Green Briar”

In the forests of West Virginia lies one of the most expensive in the world and protected resorts. Here there are only high-ranking US government officials. Here, deep in the earth, and is located an underground bunker for the country’s Congress, built in the event of nuclear war.

DMZ in Korea

The most guarded border in the world though called a demilitarized zone for a laugh. To get here is almost impossible: the border closely guarded on both sides.


Parking Bold Lane

Surprisingly, the most common car park really is a list of the most protected places in the world. To park here, will have to obtain a special pass. Each site is equipped with special sensors of motion and sound. If something goes wrong, all doors will lock automatically.

Federal Reserve Bank

This place – the ultimate dream of every robber on the planet. The Federal Reserve Bank kept almost 25% of the gold reserves of the world. Of course, protecting this wealth not only steel doors: the main store is located generally at a depth of 25 meters under the ground.

Storage Mormon

The Mormon Church has built its own storage facility at a salt lake in Utah. Here there are only a higher church ranks. It is believed that the secret archive contains some biblical documents, publication of which could undermine the principle of Christianity.

Fort Knox

Rob the famous Fort Knox could not, and the whole army of armed robbers. Here are stored not only the gold reserve of the United States but also all the major historical documents of the country.

Base Scientology

Far away in the New Mexico desert Scientologists have built a secret, ultra-secure database. Nobody exactly knows what is hidden because it is only the entrance to the highest members of the sect are allowed.

Vatican Library

Vatican Library appeared in the XV. Here are stored the most important documents in the world. Basically, to get into some of the library possible: scientists from around the world can make a special request that meets (or refuses) the Pope. Some of the same manuscripts is entitled only to see it.

Bunker “Peony”

Another child of the Cold War, the bunker “Peonies” was built in Stockholm to protect the government from a possible nuclear attack. Then hubby bought Concern Bahnhof and arranged under the ground the most secure in the world of the data center.