10 Secrets of Area 51: new details about the government


Area 51 is the air force of the United States complex located in Nevada. The object and the area have long shrouded in mystery, and nobody knows what is really going on. All military experiments were kept secret for years. In fact, the CIA only a few years ago, acknowledged that Area 51 exists at all. There are actually people disappear, and recently appeared on the secret base and new information. 

Confession Boyd Bushman

In 2014, a research scientist Boyd Bushman literally on his deathbed told about the US government’s communication with the aliens. According to Bushman, the aliens are like a very tall people and are able to communicate telepathically.

Your club

Have you ever heard of «Roadrunners Internationale»? Hardly. A member of this exclusive club can be the only one who worked in the Zone 51. Information about this club in the network is not so much that it is absolutely clear – the participants are forced to observe strict secrecy.

Radioactive waste

In the 1970s and 1980s, the area was used by the government for the dumping of radioactive wastes. In those days, even tried to burn such waste – Robert Frost, chief engineer of the project was for it to justice.

Moon hoax

According to statistics, about 65% of Americans believe that the moon landing – just a fake. According to the writer and researcher Bill Kaysinga, NASA scientists in 1960 found that cosmic rays would kill an astronaut on the surface of Earth’s satellite. But the Apollo program was launched in the United States of its abolition would be a serious blow to the reputation. Therefore, taking all held directly at the base of Area 51.

Arrest BBC team

In 2012, the crew of the BBC BBC tried to get into the Zone 51. I tried to – the correct definition: just beyond the territory of the whole crew put faces down and held as three hours. All the equipment was confiscated.


Lazarus alien

The first “alien” shock awaited the American public in 1987. Robert Lazarus, the distinguished engineer, appeared on a national channel with the announcement that several years working on alien technology engineer reverse. Lazarus had been hired for the reprogramming of alien ships technologies for use in the US military machine. Engineer claimed to have discovered an “Element 15” – fuel UFO.

Obama 51

Barack Obama became the first president of the USA, which is generally referred to Area 51 at the official level. True, nothing special, he said, but many fans of conspiracy theories and that was enough.

Secret underground tunnels

Recently, it became clear that under the zone of 51 runs a network of secret underground tunnels connecting the base area with other cities – where there is Metro-2. Journalists from the Daily News claimed that the informant could find among the employee base, which confirmed the presence of underground structures.

Even the name is coded

Area 51 – the name is not official. CIA secret facility refers to as the home airport and Lake Moody. Major engineers to work on the U-2 Spy Plane generally lured to Paradise Ranch.

UFO tests

In fact, officially here, of course, no flights of UFOs does not pass. However, residents of the area do not even surprise when he saw a strange flying object in the house. The last time the military had to take a strange drone (later adopted this model came under the label D21), do not like the existing analogs.