10 scary places in the world


In the world there are many structures that evoke the visitor’s hard adrenaline rush, literally experiencing human strength.


Lookout “Skydeck” site is located on the second floor of 103 at the height of the US skyscraper. On each of the four glass balconies can go up to five people.

Absolutely stunning views can be enjoyed, but many did not dare to enter the transparent floor.

Swimming pool InterContinental

This pool is on the roof of the Dubai Hotel InterContinental. One of his land in favor of the facade and the like floating in the air.

If you dive under the water and open your eyes, you can see the whole city, as if he himself is under water.

shelter climbers

On the border of Italy and Switzerland, at the slope of the famous Mont Blanc is located Dzhervazatti haven for climbers. Construction of hanging over the precipice in the 2143 meters.

hotel Skylodge

One of the cliffs of the Peruvian Andes was the hotel: there is suspended for three transparent capsules specifically for fans of extreme sensations. It offers a wonderful view of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Bridge Esham

This bridge is the third largest in the world among the rigid structure of bridges. The bridge has an inclination angle of 1.6% on the one hand and 5.1% other.

Sightseeing Alpspiks playground

The platform consists of two crossed the platform. each longer than 24 meters, they act on the kilometer precipice.

Elevator hundred dragons

The highest and fastest exterior elevator in the world takes visitors to a height of as much as three hundred meters. From the cockpit offers a breathtaking view of the vastness of the national park – the same one where they filmed his “Avatar” James Cameron.

Glass trail of fear

Tourists go all the way over the abyss, in a fright huddled close to a cliff. Happen suddenly with a glass floor and the poor fellows will disappear nowhere.

Glass suspension bridge

The longest bridge in the world of glass is in the Chinese Tyanmenshen National Park. Bridge hanging over the canyon in four meters high.

Glass viewing platform

Where else but in China, the tourists can try their strength of will and nerve fortress. It is here that there is one of the most frightening viewing platforms in the world, fully glazed and transparent range of 415 meters.