This swing is so awesome! hheheh



Video: He looked death in the eye fighting the hostile swollen river

Camorra Evangelina Diaz (32) became the new Peruvian heroine, after he managed to survive the raging waters of the swollen river, which took her as they moved ashore. "People could only silently watch as the...

Video: It turns out as a winner – with bare hands catch python

Jamal Alimvase, brave man from Ramallah, whose Facebook page follow just one million people, unharmed managed to extract from the action of catching runaway python. It is not known, nor the profile of Facebook, revealed...

Justice of the mobster’s a bit tricky! Video!

  A beautifully told leave my car!

Australian Aboriginal mechanics miracles cars dumped in the bushes

Look at what happened with who knows how long scapula in the bushes.

Tolerance for migrants in Hong Kong is on a different level

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