Can they small social games become more popular than big titles?


A few years ago few would have believed that, Flash games or games that are played in a browser to reach a level of quality which they enjoy today.

Most of them were then short fun or entertainment. Part of the popularity now due to the fact that these games are easily accessible and conditionally free. But today most of these games quality is significantly improved, part of this course is for social networking, technical development and broadband.

Much of the progress is that larger companies do mainly AAA games (high quality games with great budget), they saw that there was money in such “minor” projects, following the example of Zynga , which is relatively speaking a pioneer in the development of these games went into producing such games.

Besides affordability, this type of games despite failing to provide the experience of expensive titles let you play even after 15-20 minutes when you have no time and is not necessarily serious investment in hardware so you can play.

Often these games can equally well play them all, though never before played. In fact some studies show that nearly one third of people who play social games on Facebook for the first time play. This only explains the availability of games.

A good example of quality social game is CivWorld as Facebook version of the legendary series Civilisation of Sid Meier, is starting a village predbronzeno time and lead your civilization to nano era and leaders worldwide.

Although social games are not serious competition costly headlines, it does not mean you need to progress. Some of the directions in which you can move progress is inserting some kind of story in games certainly improved graphics. Perhaps most important is figuring out how to avoid repetitions. Given that social games are still the youngest member of the family and space for research and new directions in which it can spread.

One of the games that was presented at E3 this year, and became an instant hit on Facebook, Sims Social , EA shows how popular brand used and relatively higher quality product for Farmville overnight to “steal” 10-25 % of users of Zynga.

If it was not a game that is played in a browser, secure Drakensang Online will dubbed Diablo clone, the choice of characters is limited between the warrior and magician TP is more a problem of lack of ideas that lately there is more. The graphics certainly is something I never expected in this game missions with more stages and well designed, and gaming is intuitive and well known to all players of Diablo or any “hack & slash” adventure. Because of these qualities Drakensang certainly is the best “browser” game I’ve seen so far.